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Exteriors and interiors

Photo shooting with Lucka in orchards and gardens

06.11.2017 17:49 | Vraspír Petr

photos in orchards and gardens, beautiful Lucka, photos for joy

Industrial shootings with Katy

16.04.2017 12:04 | Vraspír Petr

photoshoot in the factory area, Katy dancer, presentation photos

Longboard shooting 2015

28.12.2015 15:36 | Vraspír Petr

Longboard shooting, very cold and brave girls, trtainstop rulezz

shooting at Plumlov dam

26.11.2015 12:29 | Vraspír Petr

Summer photo shoot at the dam, the dam Plumlovská, fashion photo shoot

pregnancy photo shoot with Martin and Lucy

21.09.2015 13:53 | Vraspír Petr

Maternity photography, Blansko castle, waiting for Vojtisek

Punk style photoshoot with Lucie

04.08.2015 19:32 | Vraspír Petr

photo shoot in bikini, high Lucia, in the style of punk

Fitness photo shoot with Eva

29.03.2015 12:23 | Vraspír Petr

fitness photo shoot, sporting girl of Czech Republic, beautiful Eva

Photoshooting with Natálka

03.03.2015 16:26 | Vraspír Petr

photoshoot with Natálka, photos by the sea, a photo shoot in Italy, to commemorate the photos

Photo shoot for the magazine Creative Jewellery

20.10.2014 17:45 | Vraspír Petr

photo shoot for a magazine, fashion photography, beautiful Gargano, creative jewelry

Fashion - shooting ¨geheimnisse¨

18.08.2014 13:12 | Vraspír Petr

fashion photoshooting, fashion photography, dark beauty style

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